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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I am no longer requiring licenses to use my artwork

UPDATE (7/30/2008) - I am no longer issuing licenses to use my artwork - although I am still selling them. As long as you give me credit for my photograph/s then I am perfectly happy. Please read the ToU below (or visit The Dea Files) for copyright/usage information.

What can I use your photography to make?
You can use my images to create (including, but not limited to) the following: signature tags (but NO blank tags!), IncrediMail stationery, Outlook stationery, web sets, and websites. Feel free to contact me if you don't see what you're looking for listed here. Heck, as long as you credit me for the photo - knock yourself out!

What kind of copyright credit do you require?
On any of my images used alone, please put the following info somewhere on the finished graphic: ©Dea Liang www.TheDeaFiles.com. If it will be used with another artist, please put the following info somewhere on the graphic: Photo ©Dea Liang www.TheDeaFiles.com. Please make sure it is CLEARLY visible/legible. Any stationery (stats) created featuring my photos must contain copyright credits in two places: 1. By the actual artwork on the stat, and 2. In the credits at the bottom of the stat. I appreciate you giving credit where it's due. Thank you.

What can I do with your photos?
You MAY crop, tube, resize (but don't make them look all wonky), colorize to monochromatic/black & white, add sparkles, mist, blur, and animate them. You can use them in tutorials, as long as you indicate you purchased the art and direct people here to purchase their own images. Or, simply print them out and frame them. I'm sure they'd make loverly Christmas presents! Still curious? Then drop me a line - Dea@The-Liangs.com

What can't I do with your photos?
You may NOT share them, recolor them, create blank tags, claim them as your own (obviously), use them without proper credit to me, make any monetary gain from selling them or the finished product, use them to promote pornography, use them to promote violence/abuse towards or against humans/animals, or use them to promote hatred or racism.

Can I use your photography in conjunction with another artist?
I have no problem with it as long as you credit me for the photo (see Copyright info above) - but please make sure the other artist you'll be using has nothing in their Terms of Use against it. Some artists don't like you to use photography with their work that requires a second copyright. I personally have no problem with sharing a copyright on a finished product. I'm not picky. Hehehe

Do you use a special kind of camera?
Not really. Right now I'm just using an everyday Nikon COOLPIX L11 digital quick-shot type camera with a fairly decent zoom. I'm going to be asking Santa for a nicer one this Christmas, though!

Are those your flowers/animals?
The greater majority of the flowers are mine. All the animals are mine, too (including the squirrel, Walter) - or rather, I am theirs.

Do you shoot anything in particular?
Not really. I typically shoot flowers because of my garden. The cats, if they'll sit still, will tolerate me in their faces with the flash for only so long. The scenery is Kansas City and surrounding areas, unless I'm on vacation - which I haven't been on in years, so it's all KC. LOL I pretty much shoot whatever catches my eye.

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