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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Now we're rolling!

OK, so it looks like I'm on a roll now. I added 2 more slideshows below, changed up my layout, made over my header, played with colors and fonts... ~whew~.

The floral slideshow contains shots of flowers from my garden & yard last year - before the killing frost we had wiped a bunch out. I must have done something good, though, because all my bulbs multiplied! Woo Hoo! I can't wait to shoot some more once they bloom.

The furry things album are my "kids". Caspian, the fuzzy black & white princess; Silas, the big gray chicken butt; and Macaroni. Good old tub-o-Mac. He's my bubby and I spoil him rotten. So there. Nyah. He's also an attention-monger, so most of my pictures are of him. The other two run and hide.

As far as seeking representation from AMI or CILM, I think I will hold off and do my own thing for now. I have some tagger friends that I can bounce ideas off of. Tagging, by the way, is using a graphics program like Paint Shop Pro or PhotoShop to create images, or "tags", to be used in email, forums, blogs, MySpace, websites, etc. I've been tagging for a few years now and have opened my own "Always List" (see link below-right: Lillerz' Alwayz Lizt) on the advice of a few dear friends. I even tagged my own header - I love Rion Vernon's artwork!

Anyhoo... I should probably wrap this up. It's getting crazy outside. I'm enjoying the sweet symphony of sirens, thunder, and the ever-popular "Kansas State Tree" - otherwise known as a Tornado Siren. Yep, we're under a tornado watch until 1am and a severe thunderstorm warning until then as well. Yay. I'm going to get zero sleep tonight! Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday.

Night Night - and leave me some love if you have an idea about my photos :o)


Deb said...

I've never heard it called the Kansas State Tree before, that is funny! lol
I'm from KS too
Deb (ondrun from ABE)

Dea said...

Our local crazy weatherman called it that (same for Missouri, too) and I liked it so much I use it all the time. LOL **waves from KC**


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