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Sunday, January 11, 2009

I got an award!!

This NEVER happens! LOL I'm just lil' ol' me, not into designing scraps (yet) or fancy stuff like that. I just sit in awe of all the talented designers out there.

Some of which happen to be some of my bestest friends - the gals from Terminally Unique Designs.

I call myself the "resident un-creative non-scrapkit makerer person" over there - because I'm a photographer, not a scrapper. I'm getting adventurous and making stickers tho (baby steps, baby steps), but for now, I'm just a "fifth wheel". LOL

One of the ladies, Helga of Classie Creationz, gave this award to the gals at TUD. Thank you, Helga! You made my day! I'm going to pass this to Peggy over at Eclectic Chaos - she's the one that got us all together in the first place. And I can't thank her enough.

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